Our Story


When we began our business, we were known as Biolife Corporation, operating as a wholesale company. We provided a wide range of k-beauty products to various retail stores in Southern California, including places like Shibuyala, Palace Beauty, several 99 Ranch Markets, and many smaller k-beauty shops. One brand we're proud to distribute is Plan 36.5, and you'll find our name listed as the main distributor on their products.

Over time, we noticed that people wanted k-beauty products delivered quickly. Many websites offering these products were based overseas, resulting in long shipping times. This realization led us to create Twenties Beauty. We started with a small team of about four people working on our online retail platform, and we've been gradually growing ever since. As our TikTok page gained followers, we became excited about this new phase in our company's journey.

With more than a decade of experience as wholesalers and over six years in the online industry, we're not newcomers to this field. We've also been third-party sellers on well-known websites like Amazon, Yamibuy, and Weee!, which are not only popular in Southern California, but around the US. For years we've had established partnerships with reputable wholesale enterprises, including StyleKorean, Mediheal US, and Manyo US, from which we source our products. As these products are directly imported from Korea, they posses their Korean packaging, which might account for a slight difference in their appearance.

Our main focus is delivering top-notch products and exceptional customer service. We're dedicated to making sure orders are processed and shipped quickly. We collaborate closely with reliable wholesalers and distributors to source genuine makeup and skincare products. This way, we can guarantee quality and give our customers confidence in their purchases.

On our platform, you'll find a diverse collection of brands, inviting you to explore the world of beauty. We believe that high-quality beauty products shouldn't have outrageous prices. Our core values revolve around authenticity – we're not only owned and operated by Koreans, but we also work closely with fellow Korean distributors to ensure the legitimacy of every item we offer.

We understand the importance of fast shipping, so we prioritize getting orders out promptly. Our goal is simple: we want customers to enjoy their chosen products as soon as possible. Whether you're a beauty enthusiast or just looking for great makeup and skincare essentials, Twenties Beauty is here to fulfill all your beauty needs.